Artistic expression has always been my saving grace, my driving force, my sense of sanity.  My love of clay began as a small child.  Decades later clay is still the tangible substance that I best express myself on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Clay is a sort of communication device between myself and the outside world.  I don't question my need to create.  I pass along my experience through creating, appreciating, listening, and teaching.  Oregon has been my home since 1978 and the University of Oregon launched me into the world with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics in 1983.  My journey continues, I explore, respond, participate, and observe.  

I am constantly creating new pieces with various clays and glazes. All pieces are finely crafted and are both functional and decorative. Each piece is a unique individual art piece. Yet patterns and color combinations get repeated, allowing for availability and sets. All the work is designed and constructed by hand. I use lead free glazes. The dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe but not for conventional oven use. I can do some color matching and always open to discussing custom orders.

May you go where you need to!!                


                                                      Susan C. Whitham





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